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Post-it Notes Connect

Post-it® Notes connect marries the best of the haptical with the best of the digital world:
On the one hand, a long lasting, tangible, useful high quality product with plenty of space to carry your individual brand message and design.
And on the other, a mobile, digital cloud storage that is not only branded, but also updatable, so you can keep up a dynamic connection with your customer.

The world has become mobile, and so have our consumers. We must meet them on their ground, and go where they go.
Post-it® Notes connect allows you to be that companion: With 5 GigaBytes of secure cloud storage, accessible from anywhere and any device. It allows users to store, sort and access all their important files in one place. And to share them with friends in just a couple of clicks. No need for USB sticks, no need for a desktop. That‘s a real improvement in mobile convenience.
In addition, consumers will be looking out for useful, entertaining and exclusive content and offers from their sponsor.

You own a branded digital place that your customers come back to and actively use.
But it‘s more than just digital advertising. You can provide the content that they find attractive, and update it whenever you want. Entertainment, special offers, exclusive material. Use it as an additional targeted communication channel.
Monitor your customers‘ activity via registration and click rates, and generate valid email leads for use in your digital communication outside of the cloud.

Hand out the Post-it® Notes connect product at an event, at the cash desk, or as an on-pack promotion.
The customer activates his personal cloudbox in three simple steps: Download app, enter personal QR code on the Post-it® Notes connect product, register with email address. It‘s easy and quick to activate and use.
The advertiser creates and names folders in the sponsored part, and uploads, deletes or updates his content via a simple upload portal (drag and drop). Read more.

Discover Post-it® Promotional Products

Post-it® Notes

They carry your important information and comments and are always in focus – that is the strength of the original Post-it® Notes. Custom print them with your logo or design and support your image by our premium product.

Post-it® Notes Cover

Improve the level of your promotion – by adding a cover to your original Post-it® Notes. Our Cover products offer additional space for your message, logo or products. And the Post-it® Notes are well-protected inside.

Post-it® Dispenser

Use the chic, printable dispenser to strengthen your brand and efficiently position your name in offices and households. A long-term investment as a personalised give-away for your customers and friends.

Post-it® Writing Instruments

Post-it® Index Pen and Highlighter advertise particularly eye-catching. They allow for perfect highlighting. The exclusive combination of marker and pen and Post-it® Index provides a unique advertising medium.

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