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In 1925 Michael Schiffer founded his enterprise as a letterpress printshop in the basement of his private home in the City Center of Rheinberg, Germany.

After his death in 1942, his sons Karl and Heinrich became owners of the company.

„God helps the Schiffer (skipper), but he must sail for himself“

Following the Schiffer-Family motto, especially Karl demonstrated a lot of entrepreneurial spirit and developed a flourishing business.

In 1965 he passed on the responsibility for the business to his eldest son, Karlmichael, who in 1971 moved the company out of the City Centre into an Industrial Zone just outside of Rheinberg. This was the foundation to expand the company from a craftsman’s enterprise to an industrial printing business.

The time of Electronic Data Processing and Mainframe Computers arose and Karlmichael Schiffer grew the company under the brand name „endlosschiffer“ to one of the leading business forms printers in Germany.

Since the year 2001 his son Michael is heading the company in the 4th generation. Driven by the strong belief, that only new markets and complementing business units will offer sustainable growth, he started to develop the Michael Schiffer Group.
In 2003 the DirectMail business was developed with „Schagen&Eschen“, the groups pillar in the field of personalized communication.

To help create more international business, the sales organization „Michael Schiffer International S.a.r.l.“ was established in France (near Strasbourg) in 2005.

Since the year 2009 Michael Schiffer is a close partner of 3M. By that time, 3M transferred the production of all custom printed Post-It® Products for the Promotional Markets in Europe to the Group.

Effective May 1st, 2013, Michael Schiffer will fully take over this business unit from 3M and will then also be responsible for the commercialization of the custom printed Post-it® Products in Europe.
In order to provide the best possible service to the business partners in the Promotional Market, a separate company „Michael Schiffer Promotion GmbH“ was founded.

Today the Michael Schiffer Group has about 200 employees and is one of the leading Print Service Providers for the Organization, Communication and Promotion of companies in Europe.

(Michael Schiffer, second from the left)