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Post-it® SmartCover

More than just a notebook: Your target group´s most valuable resource!



As the name promises, there is plenty of smartness concealed inside the “SmartCover”

• the integrated annual calendar helps you to plan appointments
• the Post-it® Index Mini Set marks the most important information
• the Post-it® Notes make important to-dos portable 
• the business card pocket keeps new contacts to hand

You can design the cover and the flap freely in CMYK: there is plenty of room for your visuals, designs and messages. The option of having the recipient’s name on the cover and on the Notes Pad on the inside make this a very personal item.

The high quality Post-it® SmartCover contains 192 squared pages in A4 or A5 format. The sheets inside the book are perforated and punched for easy filing, and also include a bookmark ribbon. The cover finishing is either matt (SoftTouch) or glossy.









Format SmartCover A5:
Format SmartCover A4:
152 x 215 mm (closed)
214 x 303 mm (closed)
Format flap A5:
Format flap A4:
140 x 210 mm
200 x 297 mm

Incl. white Post-it® Notes:
Incl. Post-it® Mini Index Set
Incl. Business Card Holder

102 x74,5 mm
in 5 colours

Pen Holder
Print in HD: Euroscale
Sheets book A4/A5:
Sheets Post-it® Notes A4/A5
96 sheets per book
A4=50, A5=25 sheets per Pad
Delivery time: approx. 25 workdays upon approval of artwork
Minimum quantity: 25 SmartCover
Variation: Standard and Premium