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A Classic for Effective Promotion

Post-it® Notes are one of the most useful and most loved office items.

For almost 40 years now, it’s hard to imagine a desk or a workplace without Post-it® Notes. That’s what makes them an uncomplicated, fast and timeless promotional article, for practically every target group: They’re needed, used, shared and stuck – virtually everywhere. A 50 sheet pad can generate around 500 advertising contacts.* It’s a natural born multiplier and highly efficient medium.

Thanks to the techologically innovative, high-end adhesive system of 3M, original Post-it® Notes reliably deliver a premium product experience that reflects on the advertiser’s brand – making it a powerful, modern classic.

Naturally, original Post-it® Notes are produced climate neutrally on PEFC™ certified paper, with a High Definition print in brilliant offset quality.

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*Source: BK+S Market Research